Gingerbread Houses

Many Christmas' our daughter and I made a gingerbread house just for the thrill of seeing what new architectural marvel we can create. She has her own family now but I still love the taste of gingerbread so I usually create something each year.

Calder's Irish Pub - 1999

Updated: 12/28/04

Triscuits, Girl Scout Cookies and lots of green food coloring competed with the gingerbread for top billing this year. Just so you won't be confused, we even added a sign at the left front so you'll know why the little guys in suspenders are asking:
Who's buying the next round?
This year's inspiration was a little Christmas ornament on a Bailey's Irish Cream bottle. Once we consumed the contents we were left with the problem of putting the roof on straight and trying to dress the little bar patrons. Note the extensive garden around the tavern. A direct result of the fanatical attention to all things pertaining to real gardening this year.

Can you spot the pot bellied drinkers?