Gingerbread Houses

Many Christmas' our daughter and I made a gingerbread house just for the thrill of seeing what new architectural marvel we can create. She has her own family now but I still love the taste of gingerbread so I usually create something each year.

Gingerbread People - 2004

Updated: 12/28/04
Gretchen was miles away this year so I was left to my own imagination ... a frightening thought. I didn't want to eat a whole house so I decided to attack the calories one figure at a time. Here are a few of this year's creations.
Sumo guy and his manager 2 gentlemen from Verona little people
Looking for another guy to manage Dolly Parton, husband Carl and long, lost daughter Frog in a dress
same guys again Formal beach goer and dressed up lady (note the high heels)