Gingerbread Houses

Many Christmas' our daughter and I made a gingerbread house just for the thrill of seeing what new architectural marvel we can create. She has her own family now but I still love the taste of gingerbread so I usually create something each year.

White House - 1998

Updated: 12/28/04
This was the year that Congress impeached Bill. We had planned to build the White House anyway (because we too have an aspiring President) so now we had a chance to add a theme:
Where's Monica?
Just like the popular game Where's Waldo, there are many characters in this scene (in addition to Bill and Ken Starr). Most are wearing a beret and a blue dress. Some dresses are stained, some berets are black, some Monicas are fatter than others, but no one has a cigar. Your job is to find the correct Monica and then do whatever it takes to save the country.
Would you name your daughter Monica?