Gingerbread Houses

Many Christmas' our daughter and I made a gingerbread house just for the thrill of seeing what new architectural marvel we can create. She has her own family now but I still love the taste of gingerbread so I usually create something each year.

Gingerbread People - 2003

Updated: 12/28/04
Once upon a time we made ostentatious gingerbread structures. Last year we didn't take out any building permits and hence no structures. This year, at the last minute, the gingerbread urge overtook us so we made some gingerbread people. Gretchen was responsible for the decorating and I was just responsible for the baking and eating.

Happily they were all tasty and are now just a memory.

Hansel Gretel Betty Crocker
The Katzenjammer Kids in New York W. C. Fields masquerading as Charlie Brown