The Calders

The extended family Alexander the Great



Rubber Ducks

John has lots of rubber ducks. 35 at last count. Almost all are fully dressed (for a rubber duck anyway) and are placed in categories for easy viewing. Click here to see each of them.

Model Train

Model TrainsThe trains have a full compliment of cars and they are running again! Watch as the scenery begins to take shape. Of course you first have to wade through the old layout photos. Eventually I'll get all of the new layout photos here.

Fantasy Football

2008 Champion Dale LucasWe use CBS Sportsline now instead of a Windows program and Excel but you can still see the Hall of Fame and find a link to the league's home page. You'll see that Dale Lucas has won 4 times in the last 10 years. Almost a dynasty.

March Madness

Calder's March MadnessWe use CBS Sportsline now for our basketball madness to so unless you are a member of my pool you can't see the results. Nevertheless you can email me if you want to participate. I am always searching for someone to finish lower then me in the standings. Do it before March because that's why it has it's name.

Gingerbread Stuff

2006 gingerbread houseFor 12 years the Calder family members made gingerbread houses or at least some imaginatively decorated gingerbread people. We haven't done much in a couple of years except eat the gingerbread but you can still view some of the past delectable creations.

Martini Glasses

2006 gingerbread house John has almost as many martini glasses as rubber ducks and most of them are unique. It's hard to decide which glass to use when I get out the gin. Look here before you visit so you can be first in line for your favorite glass.

Web Design

John Calder Web DesignI built the page you are viewing now and have built a few others for businesses and friends. If you follow this link you can see what services I offer and what some of the other sites look like. Many of the pages linked from this page are examples of different techniques.

Musical Gigs

saxophone gigsI'm still playing the saxophone (both alto and tenor) for the Prime Time and Santa Barbara City College Concert Bands. Most gigs are in June and December. Click here to see if you'd like to attend.

Woodworking Projects

I've enjoyed making lots of things from wood. Come inside and see some of the successful projects.