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Updated: 03/12/06


A sports pool based on this year's NCAA basketball tournament.
How do I play?
Chose the winners of each game played in the tournament. Of course you must choose the winners of all games before the first game is played.

Download the Excel workbook (~890K) to select your choices. Follow the instructions in the workbook.

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How Do I Win?
Each team in a region has a seeding. The highest seeded team is seeded #1, the lowest seeded team is seeded #64 (actually #65 - see below). Each time you correctly chose a team to win a particular game, you receive points based on the seeding of your team and the weighting factor of the game being played. First round games are weighted at much less than the championship game.
  • Example 1: You have selected the #64 seed to beat the #1 seed in the first round game. You will receive 64 points (64 = seeding, 1 = weighting; 64*1=64).
  • Example 2: You have selected the #1 seed to beat the #9 seed in the regional championship game (quarter-finals). You will receive 8 points because each quarterfinal game is worth 8 times a first round game (1 = seeding, 8 = weight; 1*8=8) .

The person with the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner.

The usual amount. Submit by the end of the day, Wednesday, March 15, 2006.
Entry to this pool is by invitation only. If you just stumbled across this page, don't bother following through with the entry. If you don't know whose page this is, you don't qualify either
  • 1st place = 1/2 the entry pool
  • 2nd place = 1/3 the entry pool
  • 3rd place = 1/6 the entry pool
Tie Breakers:
  • 1st: Most Points earned in the Championship game
  • 2nd: Most points earned in the Semi-Final games
  • 3rd: Most points earned in the Quarter-final games
  • 4th: Most points scored in the Round of 16 games
Choosing New Teams
Sometimes all of the teams you expected to be in the Final Four are out of the tournament before you get through the Round of 16, and so you have automatically lost the pool. You may reenter the pool by buying one or more new teams before the Quarterfinal Round. The cost for each new team selected is 60% of your entry fee. The money will be placed in the prize pool. Any points won by your new team will begin with the first game after you selected it. Points awarded for the team replaced by this new team will remain as part of your score.
Weighting Factors for Games
Round (Dates) Game Weighting Factor
First Round (March 16-17) 1
Second Round (March 18-19) 2
Round of 16 (March 23-24) 4
Quarter Finals (March 25-26) 8
Semi Finals (April 1) 16
Championship (April 3) 32
The 65th Team
This year there are 65 teams. There is a play-in game on the Tuesday before the first round. That game doesn't count in this pool. We will treat either team as one entry (like a 2-horse parlay). If you are crazy enough to select either one of them to win the first round and they win you deserve the points no matter which team it is.